VadoVia is an iPad travel app created for travelers by travelers – Review

VadoVia is a travel app that has been developed by travellers for like-minded travellers. All of the information here is up to date and comes directly from people who have been there and done that. VadoVia is a travel app that will suit you as a traveller, whether you are a once-a-year holidaymaker or a seasoned traveller. It would also prove to be an invaluable tool for business travellers too.

VadoVia is highly functional and we found it actually transforms the way you spend your time when overseas. We’ve not seen any other travel app that is anything like VadoVia, so what does this app offer for any traveller? VadoVia will show you places to go in any selected city, it will point out things to see in that city, and show you images of places that have been captured by other travellers.


The app will give you great advice such as where you can find the restaurants selling pizza in Naples, the most romantic hot spots in Paris, best museums in London, tours of historical sites in Edinburgh, off-road hiking trails in Arizona, and best skiing options in Alpine regions and so on. The app will even cater for the hiker, the biker or the car user; so whatever your preferred choice of travel you can select the mode you want to travel by and the advice you get will be tailored to it.

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world as you will be able to open VadoVia and select nearby tours, images, reviews and travel tips depending on the city or place you select. All of the travel notes, reviews and images have been uploaded by other travellers that have been to these places and are seasoned travellers just like you. Overall, VadoVia is a very easy to use app and is neatly laid out with key information at your finger tips.

Basically VadoVia is a crowd-sourced developed app so the more reviews, notes, images and travel memories you share with the app, the greater the community will grow. And, furthermore, all your holiday images will be available to other travellers using the app when they visit that great pub in London, fine pizza restaurant in Rome, coffee shop in Paris or swanky bar in New York.

You can create and publish tours on the app and also look closely at other “tours” specially created by other travellers that will have visited the very place you are heading to.