Get Noticed App allows you to film, track and share your videos with a worldwide audience – Review

Get Noticed for iOS allows you to capture videos instantly and share it with anybody from across the globe. The main idea behind the App is to allow you to share your videos with anybody and help get your talent discovered. Using the App for quite some time, we can vouch for the fact that the App does perform as advertised.

The UI is extremely neat and the functions all work as desired. YouTube is connected with the App. Loads of editing options including are embedded at the core of the App. Highlighting and tracking players or objects within the App are also a huge plus point. That’s the main part that separates Get Noticed from everybody else – with Get Noticed, you can easily track or highlight objects and players inside a video and save the details which can later be used. Businessman, sport coaches, managers and anybody else who just wants to track things inside of a video can do so easily with Get Noticed.

The App has been made possible by renowned pro footballer – Guy Branston. You can check the video below to know more about how Get Noticed works.