Truecaller and Twitter Partnership – tying up of two giants

With the emergence of Truecaller, searching for any number or name within the Truecaller community has ceased to be a complex exercise.

The Truecaller function is simple – the Truecaller users will be notified when someone requests their number, and they can exercise the option to allow or disallow.

Truecaller instantly lets you know who is calling on your mobile phone regardless whether the caller is from landline, mobile or pre-paid. Caller id of Truecaller is an extraordinary feature as it blocks spam and you need not pick up unsolicited calls.

In fact, Truecaller provides you an exhaustive list of top spammers.  This enables you to quickly block calls from all spam numbers. Thus, you can rest assured that the entire Truecaller community is trustworthy.

Interestingly, with Truecaller, you can continually update your contact list with even your friends’ pictures and status updates sourcing the relevant information from social media sites.

The latest most sensational news is Twitter – one of the major social media sites – has entered into a partnership with Truecaller.

Many may not be aware that Twitter has been signing pacts with third parties outside of the U.S. Twitter is all set to capture more international With Tweeting usage.  Twitter has lately chosen Truecaller in India as India is a powerful emerging market.

Truecaller, with its origin in Sweden, has built a reverse-lookup phone directory accessible through mobile apps. Truecaller has forged a partnership with Twitter, whereby users in the respective country will be able to locate people on Twitter using their phone numbers. They will thereafter be able to follow and tweet to them – all via the Truecaller app.

Truecaller’s CEO and co-founder Alan Mamedi has commented “this is the first time that Twitter has partnered for such a service.” However,  Mamedi refused to divulge the specific terms of the deal.

Truecaller has a strong presence has an overwhelming presence in many countries and is reportedly adding a whopping one million new users per week. Truecaller has in its bag one-third of existing smartphone users.

Truecaller is posing some security threats. Reports that its caller database was hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army have been doing the rounds. Truecaller however denies the news reports and says that it was only the tokens that were exposed and they have immediately reset them. Truecaller will have to arrest such adverse news from spreading lest its user-base gets eroded.

The Twitter tie-up is coming out first on Truecaller’s free Android app. As is known to many, Android is the fastest-growing popular smartphone OS in most countries of the world.

It has been the endeavor of Truecaller to become available on all platforms and develop its status as a multi-platform product.

Besides, Truecaller is on the majority of java phones and they recently launched a SMS application. Truecaller has been hyperactive in almost all areas where Twitter has also been vibrant.

Emerging markets and India in particular, are countries where Twitter might find the collaboration with Truecaller rewarding.

For many U.S.-based internet business houses including Twitter, which are already well-established at home, emerging markets and third world countries are their next target.

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