Qustodio Safe Browser, the best way to monitor and protect your child’s web experience – Review

The Qustodio Safe Browser is an app for iOS and is perfect for any parent wishing to protect the online experience of their child. I’ve had the chance to grab the premium version of the app and I don’t regret it one bit. My 6 year old son has his own iPad and yes Apple gives me the option of restricting the sites he visits. But sometimes I might want to allow him on cartoon network and restrict the length of time he’s on the iPad. Qustodio Safe Browser does this and does it well. It is simple to make Qustodio Safe Browser the default browser and disable the other unsafe browsers of Safari and Google Chrome. Once you have Qustodio Safe Browser installed on your device you will be safe in the knowledge that your child will no longer have access to any site deemed unsuitable.

After installation of the Qustodio Safe Browser you will be clearly instructed on the methods and tweaks you will have to make to get a safer, child-friendly web surfing experience. As you may be aware, children today are more connected and technically savvy than ever before, and us parents

Are often far too busy to babysit every page our children decide to visit on the World Wide Web.

Even the most diligent of parents who are determined to make sure their children are exercising safe browsing methods are struggling to keep up with the online activities of our kids. Qustodio Safe Browser helps parents to monitor and manage the time spent on the web, which social media websites and chat rooms they are visiting and spending time on, who they are chatting with and much more besides.


The application is very quick and easy to set up and gave me the peace of mind knowing that my son is adopting safe browsing habits. Qustodio Safe Browser is not just an app, as it performs in all platforms including Windows, Mac, and Kindle via a family portal and also an informative dashboard for parents that works on any web enabled device. The online dashboard is easy to use, set up with tabs for quick access.

I was able to set daily and weekly time limits for browsing – particularly handy if my little one is spending too much time on the net and not doing his homework – and furthermore, I was able to restrict app usage and block categories of websites as well as specific sites.

You can view and track your child’s search terms and phrases and also monitor their social activity. The app is available as a free version and also a paid version which will let you bookmark your child’s favourite websites, set time limits for web browsing, and monitor all searches on the web. The paid version even sent me a daily activity report by email showing the vital statistics concerning my son’s online behaviour and time spent online.