Wondershare Video Editor, The all-in-one powerful, fun and easy home video editor for Mac.

Home video editing software has to be simple and easy to use and so often we find that the market produces cumbersome and difficult to use instructions. However, Wondershare addresses this problem head on and if, like us, you find video editing a tough nut to crack then try Wondershare and see for yourself how easy and simple it is to use.

Wondershare has many special editing features that will let you easily stitch together video clips, music or just lay in some text into your video. You can easily apply special effects so that your video looks more professional or groovy and the whole procedure can be done in just a few minutes.

We would say its most redeeming features are the conversion of using any file format to any other. So, if you have a have a .wmv file and want to convert it to an iOS-friendly format – then you can with the simplest amount of ease. The same principle of file format conversions applies to photos, music and audio files.


Wondershare allows you to personalize your home video to such an extent you may not even recognize it from the original. You can apply filters, pictures within a picture, and transitions from one scene to another. You can easily cut and edit clips of your home movie, such as that awkward moment at the end of your video where someone approaches the recorder to switch it off.

Certainly the new designs and editing you can do for your home video on Wondershare will make your video far more popular once you upload it to video-sharing websites like YouTube and Vimeo. And, a new feature that’s just been added to Wondershare is the Smart Scene Detection software that will intelligently split your video into segments.

Once you have completed editing your video on Wondershare it is very simple to share it on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google+ and you can even easily transform and relocate your video straight on to your iPhone or iPad. In fact you could easily put your video straight onto your television screen.


The wonder of Wondershare is the ability to share your videos to any device. It is a piece of software that is just compatible with every format going. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter whether your video was originally shot on a mobile device, camcorder or digital camera, you will be able to edit away to get the best finished article with this software