World of Cheese HD – Great Puzzle Adventure For Kids: Review

From now onwards, World of Cheese is completely free and you can enjoy puzzles and adventure games without making any purchases. The good news is, if you recently downloaded the app and it has ads, just update and it will be ad free. World of Cheese is a fun-filled game with some real lively characters. One of whom is Mr. Mousey, a big and proud member of a large family of mice, who has suddenly come across hard times.

Your task is to try and get Mr. Mousey out of trouble; so what seems to be the problem? Well, Mr. Mousey has run out of cheese. Usually he will have huge stashes of the dairy product and feeding his huge family was never an issue – until now. Mr. Mousey’s cheese stash is empty and the only way to replenish his stock of his favourite food is to guide him through a maze of corridors and floorboards around a big house, looking for spare and discarded pieces of cheese.

Some of the pieces of cheese are well hidden and your task is to help Mr. Mousey find those pieces so that he can start to feed his huge family once again. The huge manor house you will have to cover has eight separate stages covering 40 rooms. It’s up to you to make Mr. Mousey happy by going through these levels and rooms and finding his treasured cheese.


There are 35 levels to play on in the World of Cheese, excluding five bonus levels. It has cute cartoon graphics and catchy music, so when you are exploring the household you can reveal hidden mysteries within the attic, build your own robot (which can help you collect the cheese without putting Mr. Mousey in danger from the house dog), work on in the courtyard, repair the car in the garage or use the bathroom.

You could also prepare some meals in the kitchen, but you’ll have to calm the angry dog down first. And then, when that’s all done and dusted, you can relax in the living room or have fun and play games in the play area room.

Just remember, the cheese can be hidden anywhere so you will need to act smart. World of Cheese may sound a bit, well cheesy, but you will have to use your strategic and puzzle-solving skills if you are to succeed. You will also have to think outside the box, adapt to various contexts and make all the right combinations.

World of Cheese is for the entire family and you will have fun. The crisp graphics and vibrant colours make it a joy. I managed to play the game without any glitches, it ran smoothly on my iPhone 5s. It would be nice to have a few more levels, just when I got the hang of the game it ended. I’m sure this is something the developers are working on. That aside, the game is brilliant. Recommended and worth the download time.