Trip Splitter, the easiest way to split expenses with travel companion – Video Review

I am sure we must all remember a time when we have been away on a business trip and franticly tried to calculate who owes what after that important business lunch or dinner, after the team have hired vehicles or spent money on public transport. Trip Splitter makes it all fair and calculates who owes what and who is owed by whom. It basically keeps all those business expenses accumulated by company teams in check.

Trip Splitter works like a breeze, once you get the hang of it. In fact, it will only take seconds to create a new trip and add participants. The staff members involved in the expenses splitting calculations can be added just as easily and you can even assign photo images of each person just for fun should you wish.


Basically, when you split a bill or tariff, simply open up Trip Splitter and enter each participant’s costs, and then as if by magic, all the calculations of who owes what are stored into the app and even saved for later review. You can even fire off an email to certain participants to remind them of what they owe, or whether they are owed anything from anyone else.

A full breakdown of costs is calculated so that everyone concerned will know exactly where they stand financially after a bill or an expense account item has been made. It certainly stops any arguments and disagreements over money and how everything should be split. It’s also handy for when a group of people go out for an evening meal and all the food orders or different. After all, why should you pay exactly 25 percent of a meal bill when you have only eaten about 20 percent of the full cost of the restaurant tab?

Trip Splitter could also be used when you go to a bar or a pub and the drinks are ordered in rounds. At any stage you can get Trip Splitter to calculate the full cost of what you should be paying right down to the nearest penny or cent. Flipping your device sideways allows you to see the simplest number of payments for every person to pay evenly.

Trip Splitter has many great features including the ability to enter as many participants as you wish, creating even or uneven splits, and converting your currency should your party go overseas. As well as changing currencies easily, the app will locate your restaurant, bar or place of expenditure geographically.