Zoomin™ – Organize your inbox & Focus on the important emails: Review

Zoomin is a way to organize your inbox and focus on the more important emails in your tray. Many businesses are personal email addresses are being swamped by a deluge of emails flooding in hourly and all too often we find we become overloaded. Zoomin is an ideal tool that will help business executives and company managers control the workload that filters in to their inboxes.

One of the main benefits you’ll notice straight away when you start using Zoomin is that your connection to Microsoft Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 email servers is both easy and secure. So how does Zoomin help determine which emails are important and which ones can be given a lower priority? The app has a unique prioritization and classification technology that helps to stack emails in the right priority. This will help you to work on emails that are important and set aside emails that can be worked on at a later time.


You will understand those lengthy emails in a few brief seconds as Zoomin will summarize lengthy emails into a shorter text paragraph saving you from having to read the entire email. The goal of this app is to eliminate email overload and it will certainly work for you if you have several hundred emails pouring in through your inbox daily as it does have technology that learns from your suggestions which mail items should have priority and which ones can be set aside for a while.

It means you will end up spending more time with the important business clients in your life and less time reading emails. Now you can take control of your inbox and give yourself more time to do business; after all time is the new gold when it comes to making money. Zoomin aims to improve email productivity and is specifically designed for those in the workplace that receive vast volumes of emails that take hours to read through and respond to.

You can select which recipients are always sending important emails by prioritizing specific senders. Let’s say you really want to address emails that come in from your customers; you can select the email addresses relating to those specific customers and make those important. This allows you to deal with any queries or complaints from your customers as a priority. It’s easy to move emails to the trash can or the folders within your inbox, all you’ll need do is swipe your finger across your iPhone careen and it will automatically file your mail item where you want it to be.