Like Bowling, then try Bowl With Me App – Review

As bowling simulators go, this app is easily one of the best we have played. Bowl with me is realistic and has multiplayer options that make this a real winner all round. Bowl with Me has realistic graphics which show the pins being toppled in a neat method of physics that will give you the feel of playing the real thing.

As well as the ultra-realistic physics the game has stunning colourful graphics, intuitive controls, several different game modes and career stat tracking that lets you see how well you have been scoring and performing over a long period. You can actually begin to gauge how well you have been improving over time and match your average against others that play Bowl with Me.

You could even compare your stats against your friends or family members, or simply try and get the highest averages against the rest of the world. Bowl with Me really sets the bar in multiplayer gaming and you can happily prepare yourself for bowling perfection by playing solo and get ready to challenge others.


Bowl with Me can be played one against one or you could form with a partner and play two on two game modes. The app has many features which I believe makes this one of the most outstanding apps in the niche of bowling games; the ultra realistic physics form just part of the dynamics we found, and the game also has a variety of bowling balls from which to choose from and that includes ball weight and colour, which we found to be vitally important when trying to get our best score yet on the game. You start off with 1500 coins, you will need to use up these coins to play games, you can also use these coins to purchase different types of balls.

What we really liked about the game was the ability to play one against one or just find a friend who can join in the fun and bowl in pairs. If you find you cannot find anyone to play against then just connect with Facebook or by email and set up a match against anyone willing to play you. Your multiplayer career stats are all logged diligently in the Game Center so you’ll be able to see (as will everyone else) how well you are doing against the rest.


The leader board also has a separate chart for single players so if you want to see how well you are playing as an individual you can. We found the best way to experience match up play was to log into Facebook through the app itself. The app is free. There are ads included which is completely un-intrusive, which you have to admit everyone likes.