SHERLOCK: Interactive Adventure – Review

Sherlock is an interactive adventure within an app that will give you the feel of  being indulged in interactive books on a whole new scale. All you need do here is read; listen and then you are ready to embark on a journey. Once aboard you will start to conduct your investigation in true inimitable Sherlock style and once inside you will discover the ways and methods of the world’s most famous detective.

But Sherlock is not just about reading words and looking at pictures because the app produces illustrations in full glorious 3D and the interactive side of Sherlock means you get to be involved actively rather than just being an observer. Moreover, you will get to see the world of Sherlock’s adventures through the very eyes of Dr. Watson which is indubitably the best way forward!

If you try and remember the book you read at school that was your favourite, can you recall what it was about it that made it so compelling? It was probably the gripping plot or the colourful characters that brought the novel to life. Reading a book allows you to make a mental picture of everything going on even when there are occasional illustrations to help fire our imaginations on some pages.


But in the app you are invited to take this imagination one step further and look through the keyhole of what’s going on in the mind of the author. You will be able to feel yourself standing next to all the central characters and becoming part of the storyline as it unfolds. You will even get to touch all the objects in the room and be a real part of the plot and the storyline.

Sherlock the Interactive Adventure allows the player to immerse into the world of Victorian England with all the interior designs of the rooms emulating just as it may have looked in 19th century London. Even the streets are cobbled and lined with a little fog and mist with women in period costume, tinkers, thieves, gentry and noblemen strolling along the dark avenues as if frozen in time.

Everything in the app is so authentic with so much attention to detail paid to the clothing, furniture, noblemen wearing monocles and even the mannerisms of those that walked the streets and the lowest and vilest alleys in all of London back in the day, all brought to life. The audio version is narrated by Simon Vance and you can easily access all the dossiers on each of the characters involved.