Poo Poo Monkey – The cheeky and addictive game for iOS: Review

One thing you will notice when you play Poo Poo Monkey is that despite the game’s obvious appeal to youngsters, this is addictive whatever your age. The game I found is cheeky, crazy and this crazy monkey seemed to stop at nothing to get his precious bananas. But I also found it to be very challenging, especially when you get to climb really high up and encounter pests that are out to prevent you getting your bananas.

But you will definitely get a sense of joy every time you grab a banana and work your way to the next level. You’ll get a feeling that you have got one over on those pests that are all out to stop you getting those prized bananas. I had to work my way through 10 levels and each one is highly addictive because every time you get to one level you feel the urge to reach the next one and I quickly found I couldn’t stop until I got there.


In Poo Poo Monkey, collecting bananas is the ultimate aim of the game but those evil creatures will try and stop you, as they did me, every time. There are about 30 different evil creatures that are put there just to get in your way. But one of the more comical features I found in this game was that I had to flick poop – yes poop – at those evil little creatures just to knock them out.

You have to use the power of your backside to win in Poo Poo Monkey and there are other power ups that will be in your advantage. I found I had to climb high, use lots of poop and grab those golden ripe bananas to win this and move forward to the next level. I didn’t win medals in every level but there is a way you can. All too often your poop shots miss and you will not shoot those pesky pests out of the tree and more often than not at first I found I was seeing that dreaded “Game Over” sign flashing out on my iPhone screen.


However, I was given three lives so when I lost out on the first two occasions I always knew I had one life left and had to use it wisely before forfeiting the game completely and being forced to go all the way back to the first level.