Snugg iPhone 5S Ultra Thin Sky Blue Case – Review

The Snugg iPhone ultra thin case is perfectly contoured to fit any iPhone 5 or 5S device like a glove. Not only does the case come in sky blue but several other colours are available too. All too often when we order a great case to fit our iPhone we are given a selection of just three or four colours. The usual red, blue, white or one other shade like a yellow or less but the Snugg iPhone case can be purchased in virtually any colour you want. The case adds minimal weight to the iPhone.

The Snugg iPhone Case is available in vast array of colors, which includes

  • Black
  • White
  • Candy Pink
  • Hot Pink
  • Green
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Sky Blue
  • Midnight Blue
  • Purple
  • Orange

Now we defy you to not find a colour you would love out of that lot! And what’s more there is also a transparent (see through) case available. So why would you want the Snugg iPhone 5S case for your device? For starters we found it makes the iPhone feel so much sturdier because without any casing it seems to slip away too easily from the grip of one’s hands. In fact, The PC material features a non-slip smooth surface for a better grip.

The Snugg iPhone Case for the S5 or 5 maintains the iPhone slim feeling and gives it a little bit more protection. If you do accidently drop your device then with the Snugg iPhone Case well wrapped around your phone it will protect it from chipping, damage or screen breakage.

In fact, we found the Snugg iPhone Case fitted so perfectly it looked like it was just part of the device’s chassis, only now in a colour or shade of choice. Furthermore, all of the opening on the case are perfectly aligned to allow for easy access to your battery charger cable, on and off switch and of course your camera lens at the back.

So, day-to-day operation of the phone can be done without having to remove the case at all, and in fact the only time you may have to remove the Snugg iPhone Case is if you replace your SIM card.

What you will like about the Snugg iPhone Case is that it comes with a lifetime guarantee, meaning if you register your case will be protected against breakage or damage free of charge. The case offers a great protection for every day bumps and knocks.