Document Writer – Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office: Review

This has to be the best Document Writer, Word Processor and Reader for Microsoft Office that we have road tested for use on the iPhone and iPad. It is a document editing management suite that allows you to create and edit rich text documents on the iPhone and even has a spreadsheet tool as well. You will be able to scan documents and convert them to PDF files, draw sketches and even document hand-written notes.

Moreover, you can create voice memos, which is handy for taking verbal notes for later use when editing a document and then transfer those files effortlessly to or from your PC or Mac via a USB, or if you prefer wirelessly.

The great feature we found with the Document Writer app is that you can work on your documents while you are offline, which is another handy tool when you are in a Wi-Fi cold spot. Documents can then be sent as email attachments and all your files can be backed up automatically via the Cloud using your Dropbox, Sky Drive or Google Drive account.


You can also look at any files that have been sent to you in Office 2007, 2008 or 2010 formats and this includes spread sheets as well as Word documents. You can also easily look at text files, PDF files and PowerPoint presentations via the app. The fact that you can open and edit files created through this app from any third party app that supports the “Open In” feature makes this so dynamic.

So, basically you can easily create or download documents received from anywhere and carry them around with you wherever you go. Customer support is also available free of charge via email and any support questions you have will be quickly answered just by sending the support team an email.

The Document Writer also allows you to change font styles, font sizes and the usual bold, strike through and italic features you will have used on the Microsoft documents on your PC. In fact, everything you were able to do in Microsoft Office can be achieved here through this app including the ability to transfer photos and videos through your image library and insert them into your document. It really is an ideal tool for business users and bloggers alike. The Document Writer and Editor even have file folders where you can sort and manage your numerous documents, just like you always did with your PC.