5 Great Music Apps For Your iPhone

There has been an explosion in the number of brilliant music apps for mobile phones over the past few years, making it easier than ever to listen to your favourite tunes on the move. Music apps for mobile phones are also a great way of discovering new music while you’re out and about too. And seeing as the iPhone was born from the iPod, it seems only fitting that some of the best music apps work brilliantly for the iPhone. Indeed, with Apple rumoured to be talking about a new music streaming service, it’s obvious how important music is when it comes to mobile phones.

Whether you’re an iPhone lover or not, check out Virgin Media mobile phones to find a great device for listening to your music and checking out new artists. And once you’ve got that sorted, here are 5 music apps to get downloading:


With over 20 million songs and counting, Spotify is a pretty exhaustive resource for streaming music. If you know exactly what you like and what you want to listen to, Spotify is perfect for you. It’s certainly the largest library in terms of what’s available on music streaming apps currently. Pay £9.99 a month for access to Spotify’s mobile app and the ability to create offline playlists that you can listen to anywhere. If having access to the largest collection of music available for streaming is the most important feature for you, get Spotify.


If you don’t want the number of songs you listen to in offline mode limited, then Rdio is for you. If your device has the memory for them, then you can listen to as many songs as you like for as long as you want. You just need to be a subscriber which costs £9.99 a month. With a brilliantly slick interface and design, Rdio is a real winner of an app.


If you need a bit of inspiration when it comes to music, Songza can help. Just select the type of music you want to listen to or tell Songza what you’re up to, and it will give you music to suit your mood. Curated by industry experts and DJs, you can even match Songza to your headphones for the optimum experience. Join Club Songza for 99p a week to remove ads and get premium content.


Although Pandora only has a library of 1 million songs, it is completely free for mobile users. Unfortunately you do get some ads and listening limits, but for $3.99 a month you can upgrade to get rid of the ads and get unlimited listening. 


Slacker is a streaming service with over 13 million songs and also includes streams of sports radio stations. Much of their music is indie, so if you’re an indie fan you’ll be particularly well catered for.  Their Fine Tune system lets you better tailor your experience as well, and subscriptions start at $3.99 a month.

So there are our pick of the best music apps for your iPhone. Music on mobile phones is undergoing a great leap forward from where it was just a few years ago, so it’s time to get involved!