myOffice – Microsoft Office Edition, Office Viewer, Word Processor and PDF Maker – Review

I have always wondered, when using my iPad; how could I continue creating my spreadsheets, word documents, PDF files and more, just like I used to do when I used Microsoft Office during my PC desktop days – and still get the same usefulness I used to back in the day? Well, myOffice is a tool that will pretty much make your iPad or iPhone turn back the years of when you used the package that was once Microsoft Office – only now you can use it on your iPad or iPhone.

This productivity style app is ideal for businesses, especially small companies and start ups that cannot afford several banks of monitors and screens and expensive office software installed. I’m sure I remember having to buy Microsoft Office for a small company and was paying more than £200 for the software package just five or six years ago, so it really is heart warming to think you can get this package as an app for just £3 and use it on your iPhone, wherever you may be.


In fact, myOffice is a document viewer, creates PDFs, has a voice recorder and is an open-source documents editor and spreadsheet creator. You can also manage you files and scan documents. Although I did not use the premium version, it is possible to get this app with an extended and expanded Dropbox and Google Drive integration, which comes complete with customer support.

If you are interested in the premium version you need only check the Document Writer folder within the app. Among the many features myOffice gives you are the ability to create and edit rich text documents on your iPhone or iPad, create and edit spreadsheets, scan documents and convert them to a PDF file, create hand-written scribbling and drawings; transfer your files to or from your desktop PC or Mac either by a USB port or wirelessly; work on your files and documents without having the need to be connected online; then send your files or documents as an attachment within an email.

Whenever you have finished creating a document, you can synchronize that file to your Dropbox account, Google Drive or Sky Drive vey easily so it never goes astray, thanks to the integration of the Cloud services in this app. What I found with myOffice is that you can edit just about all the rich text editing formats that you have always enjoyed on Microsoft Office on your old PC.

Microsoft Office 365 is loaded with too many features that can be accessed from anywhere anytime online and offline. Businesses and enterprises nowadays switch from their existing suite and opt for Office 365 migration which gives them advanced tools for the overall business productivity