Want a Case That Protects Your iPhone 5s Well and Very Cheap, Try This One

What is on offer here is a wonderful matte finish case for the iPhone 5 or 5S, and the endearing feature about the case is that it looks so effective, simple, aesthetically pleasing and fit for purpose. It’s not garish or loud and gives your iPhone the appearance that it is made with this case right from the manufacturers.

As well as being simple and effective, it is also a case that will protect your iPhone from accidental dropping, chipping and marking on the chassis. The case material is thick, durable and scratch proof. It is also resistant against shattering. This case has to be the case of choice when protecting your smartphone iPhone from those dents, scratches and any spillages that may happen onto your phone.

It has to be the colour of the case that really makes this look neat. The light green shading is a tone that makes the phone suitable for business and pleasurable use; it’s a calming shade and not a loud orange, yellow, pink or silver that would make your iPhone look a little tacky.


Even if you drop this case, it won’t shatter or scratch so with our iPhones getting more usage every day, it has to be protected against those possible accidents. Some years ago when mobile phones only made calls and perhaps sent text messages, we never bothered protecting our devices. After all, the phones only came out of our handbags or pockets on a handful of occasions in any one day. Fast forward a decade and our iPhones now are being used almost every five minutes as we access the net, play with apps and use the camera and video features. This means the chances of accidents happening is greatly increased, so a phone case that will wrap your iPhone with a protective skin has to be considered. And this Matte Black and Green iPhone 5/5S Case should be more than enough to offer iPhone device owners just the sort of protection your phone needs.

The case is also highly versatile and dynamic because it has openings on the side for the buttons and ports that you will use on a daily basis. This allows you to easily access volume control and the charging port, and even dock your phone, so you can listen to your favourite music on iTunes, without having to remove the case. The case is priced at £5.24, you cannot go wrong at that price.