Online Auction Valuer an Essential Tool for Buyers and Sellers of eBay and Other Auction Sites – Review

Having had an eBay account for almost a decade now, I am well used to going through the process of selling a DVD, CD, book, item of clothing, bedside lamp or old camera, but as any eBay seller will tell you – unless you are knocking out the same product time and time again, you will always be forced to sift through listed items of a similar nature just to determine how much the eBay buying community are prepared to pay for it.

Take my old Nokia 3310 phone that I wanted to get rid of: I had no idea what its value was on the second hand market and – as always – had to tirelessly sift through all the completed listings of a similar product just to see what others had bought the same product for. Online Auction Valuer app allows me to determine a starting price and it doesn’t just work for your old phone or that CD you never play any more, but any product.


Now, if you are like me and list items on eBay (as well as some other auction sites) on an almost daily basis, this process becomes cumbersome and time consuming. This is when I discovered an eBay and auction app that takes out all the hard work on valuing a product, whatever it might be.

This is where I discovered the burning question us sellers always ask: How much will it get on eBay? The Online Auction Valuer quickly became an essential tool for me and it works just as effectively if you are looking to buy something on eBay too. More often than not I buy products online and resell them on for profit, so the Online Auction Valuer really does make for a handy tool helping me to save time and labour intensive searches.

The Online Auction Valuer doesn’t just limit to eBay auctions but will also factor in sales across a number of other auction sites too. I put the Online Auction Valuer to the test on an old almanac book on football history that sells well on many auction sites. The returned results not only gave me the details of recently sold listings, but calculated the average price it sold at AND the median price (the median is always a far more accurate assessment of what you can expect to get for your item). Moreover, you can customize your search parameters to factor in “Buy it Now” orders or just auctions. I find it a great tool for my selling processes on eBay and it got its best use when I was wondering around car boot sales and charity shops.