Spirit Runner, A Cool Alternative To Temple Run for iOS – Review

Spirit Runner is a game for iOS that is absolutely free to download and is an exciting runner game where you will need to survive and collect as many spirits as you possibly can. The more spirits you collect, the longer you stay in the game. However, there are a number of obstacles along the way that will get in your path and prevent you from achieving your task, at least, that is, if you let them! The obstacles and the bad spirits will stop you in your path and will act as your nemesis as you try to collect as many (good) spirits as you possibly can.

There will be an opportunity for you to collect power ups along the way and completely fill your spirit gauge so you become invincible. Spirit Runner also lets you trade the spirits you have collected along the way to give you the opportunity to purchase more power ups. Extra power ups are then carried over to the next time you play the game so you will have extra help in your next play session.


You can play Spirit Runner in easy, medium or hard level and much of the backdrop is your little guy running through jungle terrain with a number of spirits popping up on occasion that you must try and collect. Collecting is important if you want to survive, so you need to avoid the obstacles and bad spirits that will block your path, gain extra power ups and get yourself on the Game Center Leader Board. You can easily pause your game at any point should you want to take a breather and an indicator in the top left hand side of screen accurately displays how much energy you still have left. There is also a running indicator informing you how many spirits you have collected so far.

One of the best features we found on Spirit Runner was the distance marker. As you run through long grass or wet marshy jungle floor, you will often see a spirit pop up ahead of you in your path. A distance marker lets you know how far these spirits are ahead of you. Furthermore, it’s not just about the running but there will be obstacles to jump over, such as the tree that has fallen in front of your path, or the small river you may have to leap over; all in the pursuit of collecting your free good spirits.