SnapDifferent Photo Video Editor – Review

SnapDifferent Photo Video Editor is one of those apps that let’s you take a great photo and then manipulate it so that it appears stunning, creative and out of one’s mind. This app is so cool I was even able to change the transparency of a video character and add in a fading feature so that it actually appears like my character was ghostly.

You can actually clone in your own ghost into the video or image and SnapDifferent Photo Video Editor will support up to 15 minutes of video timing. It’s a great way to impress your friends on Facebook, Instagram or any other social media and applying special effects and filters is really like child’s play.


To get the best out of the special effects you can manipulate and adjust the filter strength for each section or part of your video or image. You can actually make your character float in the air, take body parts and position them elsewhere and change sections of your video so that the fading is different from the other sections of your movie.

In all honesty, SnapDifferent Photo Video Editor is ideal for making a great short horror movie, especially if you and your friends can become the stars of the show. It’s an all round complete movie making editor as it allows you to introduce a film score to your short movie and you’ll even be able to adjust the volume at key moments throughout the footage.

Making it all work was very easy: At first I selected a layout of my choice, took an image of a background or back drop that I wanted, then took another photo of a completely separate image and changed the transparency of the subject. Once you have completed the production and manipulation of your image or video, you can then easily share it to your friends on social media.

I always take my images in landscape mode (as opposed to portrait style) so I was well pleased to see that SnapDifferent Photo Video Editor supports this function perfectly. You can easily select from 12 adjustable layouts, 25 different image filters and you can also select your favourite music to accompany your video. The app also supports an image collage (like a presentation) where again; you can apply music to accompany your album montage. Now that’s going to be ideal for displaying my up-and-coming holiday break!