ZapVM – Realtime Visual Messaging: Video Review

I’m sure like all of you at home; we all have an iPhone, smartphone or some kind of device that lets you send SMS text messages, make voice calls by phone, take images and/or video and send them as MMS messages, but what if you had an app that lets you combine all of those above features into one concise message that will clearly demonstrate how you feel with emotion and relevant context.

ZapVM – Real time Visual Messaging is a technology that’s so new, it still has its patent pending. This app is able to quickly and easily combine your photos, voice and visual annotations to clearly communicate a message, express a story, emotionally display and highlight any important details you need to convey in your message.

ZapVM lets you create your message and share your visual images – whether in video or picture format – instantly. So I found it was like sending an ordinary SMS text but with pictures, video, emoticons and an all-singing, all-dancing correspondence to your friends or family members. Downloading the app is free but you will have to buy 20 ZapVM credits for 99c in order to send “Zaps” (as the multi-media texts are termed) that are longer than the 30-second limit allowed in the free version.


It’s a way of sending glorified messages on your iPhone that would otherwise require a laptop, a desktop PC or some kind of video making software. It really is a way of getting your message over with more power, colour and visual context. Furthermore, one of the greatest features is you can add your voice to proceedings as well. I used it recently to send a voice message to a friend with an attached link connecting him to an article I found online.

It came complete with an image I had swiped from my iPhone photo gallery and was better than sending an email because I knew he would pick the message up straight away. You see, we all answer messages and texts straight away when they are coming through on our smartphones; answering an email can take substantially longer as most people only check their inbox every hour, or considerably less.

Your message will be conveyed to the receiver as though you are actually there in person. It is much more personalized and is able to express your emotion to the friend who will be undoubtedly pleased to receive it.