Yapert: Where Fans Stay Up to Date! – Review

Yapert is a free app that keeps fans up to date with all the latest news, gossip and goings-on in many different fields of media. Whether it is your favourite football star, team, celebrity, organization or actor, Yapert will keep you apprised.

There are literally millions of videos, images, tweets, and sound bites coming out every day on the internet, many from a wide variety of sources. Keeping yourself up to date to see what is happening with your favourite celebrity or waiting on the latest news from your company or organization, can be frustrating as you trawl through the internet looking to keep posted on the hot gossip, trials and tribulations of someone in the news.

So this is where Yapert comes in to play – an app that lets you choose a favourite star or celebrity, sportsman or football club and let the app deliver to you all the latest news, gossip, YouTube video releases, images and Tweets that are coming right out of their camp.


It’s very easy to miss out on some of the latest happenings and you could very easily overlook that news item that involves your favourite star, so Yapert can keep you up-to-date and informed with the very best photos and videos from the biggest names out there in sport, entertainment, film, music, fashion, fitness and lifestyle. Almost every day you will receive fast, updated information from the place you are constantly looking for and searching in. Now the information will suddenly come to you, rather than you go trawling for updates in a labourious and time-consuming manner.

So stop the tiring process of searching and let the app do all the dirty work and bring the news right to your doorstep. To kick start this app you will need to choose your favourite celebrity or sports star and once you have saved a star you will start to get the feed of all the latest videos and images coming out on that big star name.

Once you receive media on your favourite celebrity or organization you can share it with your friends or just personalize some of the images as favourites. Once you select your favourites you will receive instant notification of new material coming in. Once it does it will be so easy to share this latest gossip or information on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram and Pinterest.