Free Apps for Your Mind, Body and Soul

Our smartphone and tablet devices have not only kept us entertained and connected, but are helping us to stay organised, fit and motivated as well. Philanthropy and fitness have never been easier, as we are now able to keep our mind, body and soul staying healthy with just the click of a button.

Here are the best free iPhone apps that you should download now.

Lose It


More than 30 million pounds have been lost with the help of the Lose It app, and that total is still rising. This helpful tracker lets you combine your workout journal and food diary into one handy digital organiser. Input your exercise information for the app to calculate how many calories you have burned. The extensive food library will also let you know how many calories you are consuming and show you your progress in an easy to digest graph.

Play to Cure (Genes in Space)


This fun little mobile game will let you help real scientists develop life-saving cancer cures while you play. Ditch the Candy Crush Sagas and Angry Birds and instead make a real difference while you stay entertained. Developed by Amazon, Google, Facebook and The Rational Group in partnership with Cancer Research UK, Play to Cure: Genes in Space lets you play as a spaceship, collecting a fictional space dust called Element Alpha. Your patterns then analyse real faults in genetic data to speed up the valuable research.

Map My Run


Running can sometimes be a bit of a solitary activity. The Map My Run adds a social element, while also giving you important feedback on your workout. Track your pace, distance, calories and times with simple visuals and audio alerts that keep you updated on the go. You’ll even be able to challenge friends on the leaderboard and social media as well as earning awards for achieving goals.

Positive Thinking – The Key to Happiness


Positive Thinking helps you to find the key to changing your thinking for the better. We all get down in the dumps every now and again, but this cheerful app helps to boost your self-esteem and improve your outlook on life. With advice and tips on how to adopt a positive attitude, as well as social media integration to help you share them with your friends on Facebook, you’ll have a smile on your face in no time.

Charity Miles


The Charity Miles app is the ideal way to balance your fitness and conscience. Choose from a selection of non-profit organisations then start getting active. The app will track your progress and instantly give you sponsored athlete status. For every mile you cycle, Charity Miles will donate 10 cents to your chosen cause or 25 cents for every mile you run or walk. It’s a fast and easy way to encourage you to hit your targets, while helping those who need it most.