Mac app news from AppyFridays: 80% OFF on AppStore

Traditionally, a fresh pack of apps on sale from AppyFridays. This week we negotiated Resize Sense, To-do Lists, and HD Cleaner for the lowest cost this year!

Resize Sense -> 50% OFF – > $9.99

A flexible batch image processing utility. Eliminate the hours of tedious work needed to resize, crop, straighten, rotate, flip, and rename many images at once!

It’s a professional tool with a simple and intuitive interface so that everybody can enjoy its benefits.

To-do Lists -> 80% OFF – > $0.99

A simple but powerful to do application! To-do Lists features: stickies-like interface, quick, one-click tasks addition/removal, rich-text editing, and much more!

HD Cleaner ->70% OFF – > $0.99

The easiest way to clean up your hard drive. Remove gigabytes from your hard drive in just one click! Get rid of those useless files to have more room on your hard drive.

The apps will be on sale till Sunday, April 13. More information is available on