Flappy Little Thing, Another Flappy Birds Alternative – Review

Just when we though the hype over the Flappy Birds app have gone, we are still seeing more alternatives hitting the App Store. Flappy Little Thing is one of them and it’s a good one. Sometimes we just want to get those simple, easy-to-use games that are fun and require limited strategy to fulfil our gaming desire. As I played Flappy Little Thing is knew this was the escapism and fun that just works when you are sat in the back seat of a car on a long journey and just cannot be done with some deep strategic game that requires lots of attention and thought.

One thing I do recommend is that you play this on the iPad rather than the iPhone as there is a lot of tapping to be done and the flappy little thing requires you to do an awful lot of tapping. The basic concept of Flappy Little Thing is to tap on the screen just below where your bird is and watch the flapping bird soar above the cities and countryside.


The general idea is to fly as far as you can – a little like being in the Winter Olympics and jumping off a high cliff to see how far you propel yourself on the skis, or like a human cannonball that has just been fired out of a gun and you have to soar through the air as far as you can. I found the best way to play this game is against another. Put simply, you have to beat the score of your opponent; it may be your friend, family member or just another stranger in a different land.

You have to tap to see how far you get with the flapping little bird. Your task is to beat your opponent and get the highest score possible. Distance equates to prizes – the farther you make your flapping little bird go, the more points you will have secured.

One thing I did like about the flapping little bird game (as my little one calls it) was the smooth animations and easy to use controls. These functions are important to the game because when you first start the game up it does not appear that smooth at first glance. But you know what they say, “You can’t judge a book by its cover!”

Flappy Little Bird has a Game Center Support service so that if you discover any bugs or anomalies then you can flag these up. Another great feature is the one-touch controls you have on the game. The first time you touch the screen on your iPad or iPhone it will respond accordingly – none of this tapping like crazy with nothing happening; I know that frustrates a lot of gamers, I for one!