TidyUp! clean the room & house – puzzle for smart kids – Review

TidyUp is a great app for smart kids that will help them learn to clean up their room and also help to tidy up the house. It has been developed for small children and has had some recent updates and tweaks to make it all the more dynamic. It’s sometimes hard to sort kid’s bedroom decor and it doesn’t help if they don’t keep it tidy. TidyUp hopefully teaches them how to do just that.

Firstly, this English language app helps young children to improve vocabulary and learn how to speak far more effectively. Your child will be taught how to clean different rooms within the house. What your child will be expected to achieve is to move a number of objects on screen and position them into their rightful place. When your child does so correctly, the app will congratulate them and praise them; if the object is moved into an incorrect location then the app will guide the child to move it into the right position.


It’s a great way for a child to develop learning skills and teaches them to place items in the rightful place. A professional actor with an American accent is used to help guide the verbal instructions and there are now more than 50 different items for your child to move into better positions within the room.

TidyUp is also a great game for kids to play with friends. It was originally developed by a parent for their two-year-old boy who enjoyed playing the game with children of a similar age, so it’s not too early to get your toddler using the iPad or iPhone and learn how to position items on screen, while being taught where objects belong in the home.

The game has some free rooms and additional free puzzles to play but if you wish to purchase more there are plenty available at a low cost. In fact, you can unlock all the rooms for just under a dollar using the in-app purchase facility.


The graphics on TidyUp are all very well drawn and the contrasts in colour make it easier for young eyes to distinguish their way around the rooms. For example, in the kitchen you will find the cupboards are a different contrast in colour to the wall – so a child will easily spot where the cups go exactly on the iPad screen, the fridge is a brilliant white against a soft yellow wall allowing a child to put the milk back safely into the fridge.