Shuffler Game is a collection of sliding puzzle games – Review

I have always been a keen player of those classic games tic-tac-toe, Rubik’s Cube and Connect Four. So, Shuffler Game was always going to be a winner for me as it possesses many of the classic styles these old games used.

What you get is a collection of sliding puzzle games on three different board sizes with four levels of difficulty. There is a 5×5 level that I found absolutely difficult. Shuffler Game is in no way basic looking. In fact, I found the game has many varying initial states in the puzzle image and the way it shuffles. You start of by choosing the puzzle, then the difficulty and then the image. You can even use images from your camera roll, which is really cool.

I can just as easily play this on my iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. But seriously, I used this on my iPhone for those long car journeys where I would be taken down a boring motorway or driven at night when there’s nothing to look out the window at, but when at home, I like to play Shuffle Game on the iPad, as I could actually challenge any of the family to some of the two-play games.


But one of the beautiful features I found in Shuffler Game was its ability to automatically save an unfinished game. One game I was playing was becoming very frustrating and I just could not solve the puzzle. It was a very difficult game of noughts and crosses and I was playing against my sister. I was winning and she had to leave mid-way through the game as her boss had called her up on the phone.

While she was on the phone to her boss, I decided to move on and play another game on my own while the auto save feature held the current status of our noughts and crosses game, so we could both finish off that game at a later hour. Also, another great feature was the game’s ability to maintain your best ever score.

There is nothing worse than playing a game, and then getting a fantastic score, only to see that great score reset itself to zero the next day. I want that high score to show all the time and Shuffler Game does just that! Moreover, Shuffle Game records that great high score and shows you which position you are in on the global world rankings. If you are good enough to get your score into the World Top 100 then you get your name displayed in the Hall of Fame Hot 100.