VidOn Player – Free HD Movie and Streaming Media Player: Review

I had been looking for an app to download onto my iPhone that will play videos and help me watch my favourite television programs, YouTube videos and short films all very easily. For me, VidOn Player pressed all the right buttons.

I found the player supported most multimedia files, certainly the ones I use a lot on YouTube and Vimeo, for example. It also supports universal peer to peer devices and network streaming protocols, so if you download any of all that stuff from your friend in far flung lands (you know the one I mean) then VidOn Player will support this too.

I was able to sit down and watch my favourite movies with powerful hardware decoding which displayed the film’s quality in 1080P playback. That’s high quality vision to you and me. Although I never needed to get around to it, I did notice that VidOn Player was able to access movies and videos through a Windows Sharing Service, FTP Server or videos stored on Samba.


I kept it rather simple and just downloaded all my images from Instagram and bundled all the old photos I took and had sitting on my old desktop PC. Yes, VidOn Player supports images as well as videos and movies. So if you have any image with a PNG, JPG or JPEG file extension then you can download it easily on here. And, most of our pictures are usually in a JPEG format at one stage or another.

I was easily able to set and change video subtitles on the app too. There are quite a few of the downloaded material I have in my world that are videos of my favourite bands and musicians, music-only files and podcasts and I am able to categorize all of my podcasts under the titles I choose! There’s nothing like being in control, and VidOn Player really does let you keep everything organized and in its rightful place.

Key Features:
– Totally free
– Supported Formats:
Video: MP4, WMV, AVI, MKV, RMVB, 3GP, MPG, RM, ASF, F4V, FLV, h264
Picture: PNG, JPG, JPEG
Subtitle: All subtitle format

Video features:
– Powerful hardware decoding methods and up to 1080P playback
– Blu-ray video decoding, Transcoding and playback
– Set and change video subtitles and audios
– Gesture controls change volume, brightness, fast forward and fast backward
– Change aspect ratios while playing
– Movie info auto collected online
– Play Blu-ray movie from VidOn Server

Streaming video feature:
– Support FTP server, windows sharing service, Samba, UPnP, NAS, DLNA
– Access VidOn Server to manage media contents
Picture feature
– View pictures from local resources and shared LAN devices

File managing and downloading:
– Sync files via USB cable
– Sync files via Wi-Fi and FTP Server

Another great feature was that any movie you decide to download from an online source comes complete with all the vital information automatically collected.

One of the cooler features on VidOn Player is the gesture controls to change the volume, brightness, fast-forward and fast-reverse. You can even change the aspect ratios during the film, so if you are finding you need a sharper picture; it will only take a second to change. VidOn Player really is an all-singing, all-dancing video app in my opinion.