Manilla – Bill and Account Manager: Review

My finances were in a mess, my incomings and outgoings were spread all over a worksheet and I was often late in paying my bills – I just had to have some control over my finances, so I managed it just perfectly with Manilla; a bill and account manager that gives you a nod when you are due to pay a bill, simplifies and manages your daily finances; all in one app.

I have to say I use Manilla Bill and Account Manager every day. Each time I make cash withdrawals, accept an incoming payment through an online source or pay off a bill, I can record it on this app and I basically have a live and updated bank statement. When your monthly bank statement does arrive in the post, you will file it aside straight away – as I now do – because it is out of date and obsolete by the time it gets to me through the snail mail system.


Manilla also handles any travel rewards you may accumulate (although I haven’t stacked up much in this area so far), any magazine subscriptions that come out on a regular date and health insurance payments.



What I liked about Manilla is that it supports more than 4,000 leading money providers and companies, so if you want to link a payment to your water or gas provider, then it’s all so simply done. There were one or two companies that had not yet been linked when I tried to match up all my creditors (and debtors) but I’m informed more companies are being added on a weekly basis.

You can even manage your petty cash bill on here too. I have a small sum I have to give my dog walker, window cleaner and driveway cleaner. Manilla has a custom account feature that lets you add in any regular type of payment you make. I just had to add it once, and it’s there for good.

Sound Protection

Like many of you out there, I am always concerned about security and privacy; especially where my money is concerned. The app does have top level security and nothing is stored on your phone like passwords or usernames. There is a single password for logging in but it is never automatically displayed or saved each time you log in. So, there is no worries about anyone gaining access to your financial details should you lose your phone or tablet