Hybrid Racing, Can you handle the G-Force – Review

Hybrid Racing is a 3D ultimate racing game where you can become a top driver’s manager in a real-to-life car driving drifting test run simulation. I’m no fan of racing games but you will notice the thrills, spills and nervousness of high octane racing when you play Hybrid. This app takes drag motor racing to a whole new level, whether you are a fan of racing or not.

Hybrid Racing is not just a race; it’s much more than that, you will own your own garage, have your own cars and select your very own crew. You can either take over at the wheel and race your own car or let an experienced driver do it for and for the team. You can experience drifting style of racing, drag racing or simply racing in your own selected vehicle. One of the cars I used was an old battered police vehicle.


But it’s the managing of your team that you can really get your teeth into in Hybrid Racing and not just getting behind the wheel and coming first. You’ll soon discover that there is a lot more to racing than just driving faster than your opponent. A racing manager has to select the right car, the right crew and make sure you upgrade the parts on your vehicles to make them competitive against the rest of the field.

You will find, as I did, more than 40 super cars to choose from, all of which are very fast. Included in the latest update are the world-famous super Dubai police cars. These are used to chase criminals and offenders who regularly speed in high-powered super sports vehicles on Dubai’s dangerous road system, so you can be sure that these vehicles have got horses under its bonnet and a speedometer that goes right off the scale.

The cars are exotic, custom-built and all made for speed. The locations you will drive and race around in are sumptuous. There are more than 15 different locations, all of which are in Dubai and all are breathtaking. There are state-of-the-art towers, sand dunes, deep blue skies, exotic beach resorts and extremely wide roads often lined by palm trees and six-star hotels.


There is even a chance to play against your friends on Facebook, either by challenging them to a dual or asking them for help and advice to manage your team and get in the winning spirit. The app is free to download but there are a number of in-app purchases you can buy to customize your car and become a real winner.