Musica Tap – Review

Musica Tap allows you to play along to the songs and sounds that are sitting in your collection. Your task is a fun-filled way to play along to your favourite artists based on their melodies. You just have to replicate an action that will appear on your touch screen and the very second it arrives you must tap. The quicker and more precise you are, the more points you will accumulate.

So for all you music fans out there; now you can listen to your favourite artists and play your best most-loved tracks and have fun and score points at the same time. This has just brought a whole new level of listening to good music and doing something worthwhile at the same time. It’s true that I know some of the songs on my playlist inside-out, or so I thought! When challenged, the app Musica Tap gave me an on-screen direction but you will need to be sharp and on the ball if you want to maintain speed and accuracy; after all it’s that what gets you extra points.


Although I am not a fully accomplished musician, I do like to fiddle about on the guitar every now and again. I also like to play the African drums at festivals when folk are sat around a small camp fire. To get the best possible practice, finest rhythm and timing (all very important in music) and honing your reaction times, you will need to practice and practice on Musica Tap; and when you’re done, practice some more!

Musicians will also be able to fine tune their auditory perception, all the while playing some of your favourite tunes straight off your very own playlist. Now, the direction this app will go does depend a lot on your progress and the level you choose, you’ll discover more and more complicated notes, so no two games will ever be the same.

There are a number of musical styles that most musicians will have heard of when playing Musical Tap. You can make a simple note using just one tap of your finger, create a double note, long note, or a sliding note by moving your finger to the left or right.

You can also shake notes and centre you tones but be warned if you have any music on your playlist that has been downloaded illegally (without the Digital Rights Management technology) then you’ll find it won’t work for these particular tracks