Dungeons, Monsters, Heroes, Treasure and loads of Fun – Rush & Fantasy Review

Rush&Fantasy involves monsters, heroes, fun, treasure and dungeons and is the ultimate in gameplay excitement and what’s more, it’s all for free. Ubinuri Games has combined the thrills and spills of all the best run games and collated them together as one heart racing and addictive gaming experience you’ll ever have on your phone.

At first, I found myself getting immersed into the confusing world of my on-screen hero and his adventures. But at all times I had to be ready to grab the nearest weapon and fight, as failure to do this will result in your loss.


You will have to do battle with endless amount of creatures in real time and all the while I was just second-guessing what was about to come next as anything is possible in Rush and Fantasy. But I discovered I had to have a strategy, so I decided to play the single player mode first. Once you have the experience of playing in single mode you can progress to multi-player platforms and pitch battles with other real people.

This game is awash with special features; there 22 different heroes, all of whom are brave and fearless, it’s just a case of choosing how fearless and which level of braveness you select. But what I found so exciting in Rush and Fantasy was the dungeons; each one was becoming more dangerous and ever more surreal as I advanced through the levels.

The controls were very simple enough to operate, I guess, and there are any multitudes of ways you can collect your glory. The game offers a number of rewards in the form of treasure mainly. It also kicks in to Fever mode, which sends the game into a real action adventure the second that gauge pointer surpasses the 100 percent mark.

Rush&Fantasy is very detailed and there are numerous ways, I found, to keep your record of progress in check. You can track the growth of your hero by using Item Cards, Ability Cards, Skills Cards, and Special Card features. What I had to do was to collect the cards and combine them in order to strengthen or upgrade my heroes so that they would be stronger in battle going forward.

The more cards you have and the better you manage to combine them, the more strength your hero will gain. It was pleased with the regular updates as these do seem to address the flaws that kept popping up throughout the game.