CallerSmart – America’s Community White Pages & Reverse Lookup Phone Book: Review

It was during a mid-morning coffee break as I was checking my emails and social networking messages, when my cell phone fired off with a call from an unknown number. The caller on the end of the line had a strong accent and was barely audible. He also proceeded to become irritated by my demands to know who he was, which company he represented and why he was calling. However, all I managed to get out from him was the line, “I’m not selling anything.”

Yeah, right! It was time to put an end to this nonsense as I was becoming increasingly irate by the unwanted calls from every Tom, Dick or Harry trying to invade my privacy and call me on my cell phone.

It was at this point that I decided to try out CallerSmart, a utility app designed to help find who is behind the texts or mystery phone calls you receive. Not only did I find that CallerSmart was identifying text messages and telling me who was behind the mask, but it allowed me to easily block all telemarketers by submitting my cell number to the official FTC “Do Not Call” list.

callersmart_1 callersmart_2

You can even verify that your number is blocked and you will receive no more calls from sales teams, cold calling sellers and people doing surveys. If you do happen to get an unwanted call, then CallerSmart has a function whereby you can file an official complaint.

But it’s not just an app that helps you identify the people who are cold calling you; it’s also a bit of a community too. Other users on CallerSmart can update comments on certain numbers, help other users to outsmart unwanted callers and earn cool badges in the process. I was also able to block three numbers in the first two days of using this app as it has a smart “Block Specific Numbers” tab. So, the next time that unwanted number attempts to call you, it will not be able to connect. This feature also works for text messages too.

Since downloading CallerSmart I have been able to look up all those mystery phone calls and text messages, discovered how to block people I just don’t want calling me and seen a number of very useful comments from other community members on CallerSmart who have helped to unravel the identity of that mystery caller.