Business Uses for Tablets

You may have been in a permanent slumber if you have not noticed that we have entered the era of tablet computing. Let us assume that tablets are here for the foreseeable future and they are not some fad or flash in the pan technology (which happens often in the world of IT), then we must not only consider tablets for fun but for business use as well.

When I mention the iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tablet or the supermarket chain Tesco bringing out the Hudl, one instantly thinks of a Sunday afternoon lazing on the sofa and playing games, downloading pictures, checking out friends’ Facebook statuses or chatting to relatives on Skype. But is this really what a tablet is for?

Yes, of course a tablet can do all those things but can business users make good use of the tablet and if so, how? When you choose a tablet for business you will be making one positive move right away – that’s keeping costs down. A tablet is remarkably cheaper than laptops ever were and also lower in price than your desktop PC.

You can choose which operating system to have; the “big three” at the moment are iOS 7, Windows 8.1 or maybe an Android and the wonderfully-named Kit-Kat system. If your business has many Mac computers then go for the iPad Air where you can synchronize documents, push media and files to the Cloud.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 2 synchronizes beautifully with Windows-operated PCs and has a fantastic calendar, contacts and email system built in. These are just perfect features for the business user and when you think it also comes with the full Windows experience you will also get the Microsoft Office package, complete with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, allowing the business worker to type out all documents without having to settle for a scaled-down mobile tablet. The tablet also comes with a clip-on keyboard, should you need to make high volume text entries.

Maybe you would like to opt for the Motion F5t tablet from Distec. The 10.4 inch tablet is rugged, compact and lightweight. You have an option for an Intel core i3, i5 or i7 processor. It also runs Windows 7. The convenient integrated camera allows you to easily take pictures and capture video.

The iPad Mini with retina display is the perfect tablet for business personnel on the go. It has Keynote, Pages and Numbers software features loaded on for free, so businesses that buy this tablet won’t have to fork out extra for more features suited for the business executive or traveling company worker.