SweetPixQuick – Use mobile photos from your iPhone or Instagram account to bring a personal or emotional touch to your life

SweetPixQuick is a photo and video sharing app that allows you to transform your very own photos into real gallery photos. The images you have on your iPhone or the photos you have uploaded to Instagram may be amazing and we all love to share them on social media from time to time. But imagine if you could print your photo image, which sits in your iPhotos album or on your Instagram account, and post it up on the wall of your kitchen, lounge, bedroom, office space or cloakroom?

SweetPixQuick is a way where you can turn those great images into a decoration for any room you choose in a few simple and easy steps. The first thing this will achieve is a way to brighten up the walls of your office, delight the visitors to your bedroom and make guests gasp at the wondrous imagery you have up on the walls of your living quarters.

sweetpixquick_2 sweetpixquick_1

SweetPixQuick uses reusable mounted pads which are adhesive and can be placed on any surface you wish. Moreover, you will not do any harm to your walls; so kids can stick as many of the reusable gallery mounting pads to stick on their bedroom walls, safe in the knowledge it will not mark or tear any of the original décor.

You can even stick your images up onto the office wall and take them straight down when the area manager is doing the monthly rounds. You can put up ideas on your kitchen wall of the meal you plan to prepare that evening for the family, and then replace them the next day with a fresh set.

Once you have downloaded the app, getting your pictures to you in the format where you’ll be able to stick them up on the wall is simple: you’ll need to first select the size you want – which can be six images measuring 6×6 inches or four images measuring a slightly bigger 8×8 inches.

Then you must select the images you want from your camera roll on your iPhone or the ones from your Instagram home page. You can even crop and resize the images should you only want part of the image to fill the area ordered. Next, you will select your gallery mounting board colour and provide shipping details so SweetPixQuick can get the items to you in double-quick (about two weeks) time.