Mutants: Genetic Gladiators – Review

When it comes to science-fiction based gaming, this one comes close to nailing it perfectly. You get to play as the ultimate “Psy” captain, where your unique skills have to be used to lead and direct a band of genetic gladiators.

Sounds like fun to you? You bet it is, the task for you is clear as you’ll have to train, cross-breed and unlock new ways to attack while you discover a new species of mutants. You will have to play in multi-player arenas to get the most of out Genetic Gladiators, which means involving in worldwide competitions. The general idea is to assemble a powerful, strong and dynamic team that will kill off your opponents, so your best strategy skills are called for.


The two aspects that stood out for me right away were the high-quality graphics and gameplay situations – and the fact is was free. However, as with all free games, there will be a need to start buying into in-app purchases if you are serious about getting to be a world contender.

Not only are the graphics quite remarkable and superb, but you’ll be blown away by the detail of all the individual figures and attention to detail. Some of the Gold Pack in-app purchases can be a little pricey but many have bought into them hoping to gain world domination.

Unleash Devastating Attacks in Arena Style Combat Situations

You will need an internet connection to play but I was pleased to find Genetic Gladiators worked fine on my iPhone when connected to a Wi-Fi network at a local coffee shop! Your game can be played at home on the iPad and then saved, where later you can synchronize the saved game to your iPhone and take it out and about to the local library, railway station or bistro bar and continue exactly where you saved and left it.

In all, there were over 100 different mutants to discover and collect and six genes which, from time to time, will unlock throughout the game. If you search long and hard enough you will find secret recipes to build mutants that place the fear of god into your opponents.


The game takes you on a real journey where you will compete across four divisions, and get the opportunity to fight in millions of battle combinations. You will also be able to train your mutants so they become the mean, lean fighting machines that will inevitably destroy your opponents.