PDF Reader – Annotate, Scan, Fill Forms and Take Notes – Video Review

In my line of work I am constantly getting bombarded by PDF files that I have to read or study. But I also wanted the opportunity to be able to do more with them. This PDF Reader is not just for viewing the contents of a file but for much more.

Imagine being able to fill in forms on there, imagine being able to edit features that the file holds and think what you could do with the ability to freely handwrite, highlight certain paragraphs or sentences and edit information as easily as you can on a word document.

I found this PDF Reader was able to let me stick those yellow Post It Note things onto the reader itself so that I could come back to a certain paragraph or sentence. I also discovered I could view just about any document I wanted. I tried it with Microsoft Office Excel Spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, iWork files you may have saved on your Mac and newsletters or publications you would normally see online or in an email.


It was as though my iPad had been upgraded by the app itself. I found the navigation very easy and straightforward; make use of a stamp tool where I would be able to see the status of my file and found that whatever file format the document came in PDF Reader was able to use it, handle it and work with it. It didn’t matter whether the file came from my Mac at home (which runs on the iOS) or from my work based computer running Windows 7 and all the associated files that holds.

Sometimes there is important information embedded in a PDF file that you just need to copy and paste out. The PDF Reader is one sure fire way of doing that and I know that’s something that’s been bugging me for years because I’ve not been able to touch the holy grail of text in a PDF file in the past. Well, thank god those days are over, I thought.

I was even able to highlight words or sentences, underline stuff, make text bold and strike through text I didn’t want to see. Moreover, I was able to do all this with my finger (or my stylus pen that I got last week). I was so impressed by this app, I even joined the Facebook forums that support this tool.