Super-Spies Adventures, An interactive adventure story with audio narration: Review

At first glance, you would have thought this to be some super spy game app, but it’s not! Super Spies Adventures is an adventure book story that reads out loud to kids as they look at the screen and the text, immediately giving children a super fun way to improve their reading and language skills.

But what’s really great about this story is that the characters are all spoken in their unique tone and style, which will delight your kids and allow them to get to know the characters in a closer way.

super_spies_1 super_spies_2

The first book in series (yes there will be more) features the characters of Martha and Sam, two children who seem innocent enough and lead normal daily lives. But when father tucks them up in bed each night Martha and Sam sneak out of their bedroom and the world of the Super Spy Secret Realm.

The Evil Dr. Pinkeye

A super spy story would not be a great spy story without an evil oligarch or someone in power, hell bent on destruction; so Super Spies Adventures introduces the evil Dr. Pinkeye. Martha and Sam get wind of some useful information from their headquarters: and that is the evil Dr. Pinkeye has plans to steal all the pet food.

But the evil Dr. Pinkeye has more plans up his sleeve, the two children begin to learn, he actually plans to start with stealing the pet food and then he wishes to carry out further ill deeds in order to reach his goal of becoming the ruler of the world.

So, this is where Martha and Sam come into the action. The two children must find a way to thwart Dr. Pinkeye and scupper his plans to rule the world. As the story progresses the app produces a number of colouring pages where children can sketch in colours for each graphic in the story. When the colouring has been completed, the pages are saved into the photo album.

This is a truly unique and wonderful way for children to get involved in the story line, plot and help colour in the graphics. Super Spies Adventures is an educational tool that is perfect for kids who are trying to learn their first 100 words. There are interactive character voices and an opportunity for the kids to follow the narration by reading the text (subtitles) on the screen at the same time.