Experience the thrill and extreme challenge of Smacky Cars – Review

I truly enjoyed this Smacky Cars because it was retro and felt like going back to the good old days once more. The trouble I find with so many of these modern racing car games is that you need to be a super Mercedes, Williams, Lotus or Firestone trained mechanic before you can actually race properly.

Take the other day, when I was trying out one of the several racing car games in the Formula One range; there was a need to change tyres, top up my oil, swap tyres again when it started raining, top up fuel again and work hand in hand with team mates because your orders are to let your partner in the team through. Man, I just wanted to race cars – plain and simple.

smacky-cars_2 smacky_cars_1

Smacky Cars does tick almost all of the boxes where you can play a very enjoyable, straightforward and fun-filled game of car racing. In fact, I found that Smacky Cars wasn’t really a race at all. It didn’t matter too much if you didn’t win – it was the taking part that was the most sensational thing about playing, and as the title of the game suggests, there’s a fair few smacks going down on the road.

It was the thrill of the game that got me and the excitement of playing a retro style game without all the complications that go hand in hand with such a modern game you get these days. Another feature about Smacky Cars that I loved was the ability to play just as easy on the iPhone as I could on my iPad.

Furthermore, it was a very addictive game. In fact, I have not played a game so addictive since I played Angry Birds! This is basically a retro pixel art race car game and I found I was the one who was able to call the shots and stay in control. The controls were one touch and easy to use but do not be fooled as Smack Cars is a real challenge.

You will have to dodge cars that are speeding off the scale and on more than one occasion I ended in the rough. Changing lanes was easy though, you just have to tap left or right and you will be able to switch lanes. At least that part was easy to master, and you will notice this game is a bit like that other retro game Flappy Birds, only this time it’s for cars.