iSkelter Chisel Dock is the Most Beautiful iPhone 5s Dock Ever

I’m not sure about you but when I received my iPhone 5s through the post, I never threw away the box it came in. It served for a long time as the iPhone bed, the place I would rest it when I was charging up, the position it would sit on the coffee table when idle and in case I ever had to send it off anywhere I just kept its box. I hated the idea of the phone vibrating on my glass coffee table or plastic-coated computer desk as it made a horrible noise, so I guess the old box became its home.

Then I discovered the Chisel iPhone 5 Dock from iSkelter. The minimalistic design measures 7.00″ × 4.75″ × 0.75″ (inches) and is made from bamboo that has been environmentally sourced In fact, the bamboo grows back after it has been used to create this delightful iPhone 5 Dock. When I received the Chisel dock through the post, I was amazed. Wrapped in this recycled paper, with a elegant looking label on it, I really didn’t want to open it. I spent about an hour just admiring and talking about the packaging. I eventually gently rip the paper wrapping off to reveal this beautiful, smooth finish bamboo dock. I instantly fell in love with it and I immediately put my Apple dock away in a draw and place the Chisel dock on my desk.


I have now begun to watch more and more videos on my iPhone as the quality of the playback and the strong Wi-Fi connections had made video a far more enjoyable experience on the iPhone 5s than it used to be when the first model came out in 2008.

Just sitting through a 95-minute film and watching a video while holding the iPhone in my sweaty palm was just not the right way forward. If you look at the Chisel iPhone 5 Dock you will discover you can prop up your phone and embed it into the bamboo wood which turns it into some kind of portable television set.

Now, when you watch videos on your iPhone 5s, especially those three-hour long blockbusters, you may have to keep your iPhone on charge throughout the process. Well, the Chisel iPhone 5 Dock provides an elegant groove to feed your charging wire into so that everything is positioned so neatly in place. The Chisel iPhone 5 Dock rotates between portrait and landscape effortlessly for enjoyable and easy operation. It looks so good on my desk.

It is simply the best way ever to prop up, sit back and tidy up all those loose hanging wires while watching your favourite movies on your iPhone 5S. It’s also a great way to showcase your iPhone to friends; just prop up the Chisel iPhone 5 Dock on your coffee table when they are do to come over and you will definitely receive some compliments. You can pick up a Chisel dock for only $39.99 and it is well worth.