The spirit of Battleheart returns, re-imagined! In Battleheart Legacy: Review

When it comes to playing quality, imaginative and high-end graphics Battleheart Legacy ticks all the right boxes. Some of you may have remembered Battleheart from earlier versions developed by Mika Mobile but here it is back again with a fresh imagination and a new spirit, to help you explore and take adventure in a fantasy land.

The fantasy world you’ll encounter is rich and rewarding with intense attention to detail in the graphics. That’s what I always like about fantasy world games when you can see branches of the trees gently swaying even though the forest is way off in the background or the odd bird fluttering around on a skyline giving you the feeling that you really are in some kind of heavenly fantasy wonderland.


But Battleheart needs your help, because it’s up to you to customize your super hero by winning dozens of skills and several items, which in turn will make your Battleheart more effective and resilient against the enemy. Indeed, there will be more than just the one enemy for Battleheart to cross swords with as you will start to learn all about this troubled world as you explore it.

There are several ways by which you could forge your legacy; you might be a notorious and dastardly rogue or a powerful wizard; perhaps you could be a savage and mean barbarian or a noble and honouree knight, the choice is yours as to how you forge your legacy.

There are many features on Battleheart Legacy that will thrill you and make you realize just how awesome it all is. There are refined combat strategies to overcome and real-time fighting skills to develop, and you can move your character and attack or fight by simple taps on your device. We found it works best on the iPhone 4S or the iPad 2 but this game will also play adequately on the iPod Touch Fifth Generation device too.


The unparalleled animation and graphics make battle scenes are real treat for combat fans. Your character will be highly adaptable with more than 150 different skills ranging over 12 levels or classes. You can actually poison your enemy and blow them to kingdom come with a meteor strike.

Many of the battles will certainly put your hero to the test and if you want to save one battle scene and continue playing it on another device, you can. The game allows you to transfer to other devices via the iCloud service.