Top Food Apps for iPhone

There are so many great food apps available but in the interest of keeping the post relatively short as well as hopefully keeping your interest I have narrowed it down to my personal top five. If you have any input on the apps mentioned or would like to share your personal favourites I would love to hear about it so please feel free to share in the comments section. Ok here goes:


OK, so technically it’s not actually a food app. However as a food blogger Instagram is perfect for jazzing up snaps of your latest dishes. The social sharing element is also great for getting your images out there for the world to see and the #hashtag system allows any user to search and enjoy your photos. There is a whole community of foodies on Instagram and it’s a great way to get some inspiration and add places to your must visit list.

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Urbanspoon is a user generated restaurant review service, aggregating reviews from food critics, bloggers and diners. Their iPhone app really is fantastic. Like Foursquare the Urbanspoon app also has a check in functionality, although the best part of this app is within its Discover sections such as “Hottest in Edinburgh” (or whatever location you happen to be in), which provides you with a list of the most recently reviewed and blogged about restaurants, and “Bargain Gems” listing the most popular inexpensive restaurants within your location. I also really love the “shake” function in which (yes you guessed it!) you shake your phone and are presented which a random restaurant based on location, food type and price range, a great way to discover new places to try.

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Zomato is restaurant finder and review service with a social angle. Visually the app is gorgeous with full screen images filling the background. You can search for a specific restaurant or type of food via the search page or browse through their latest offering, Collections, these include: “Trending This Week”, “Romantic”, “Beer Gardens”, “Veggie Friendly”, “Wine Bars” and “Coffee & Conversation” – a great way to get ideas depending on your mood or the occasion. Once you set up your profile on Zomato you can follow your friends and like-minded users and “foodies”. The app also has a nearby function which you can filter to show only those places recommended by people in your network.



Again Foursquare isn’t exclusively a food app however a lot of people use it to check into restaurants, pubs, eateries etc. it has a huge user base and allows users to leave short reviews / tips and add images when they check into a place. It’s also a sort of social game awarding users badges for checking into a certain number of places, such as the “Molto Buono” badge for example, awarded once you have checked into five different Italian restaurants. Certain places also offer deals like money off for the “Mayor” (you become mayor of a place on Foursquare if you have checked in there more than anyone else – although this may be about to change). Another excellent feature is the option to check what’s nearby when you are out and about and it will provide a list of nearby places and even navigate you there! Ideal if you are in a city you are not familiar with or you just want to discover somewhere new within your local area.


Just Eat:

Let’s be honest there are times when all you want is nice tasty food delivered to your door. Just Eats iPhone app is perfect for ordering from your favourite local takeaway or discovering somewhere new. Once you have an account set up and a linked card (or you can pay by cash on delivery) the app is really fast and easy to use, handy functions like re-order are perfect if you regularly order the same dishes from the same place. If you want to try something new there are plenty reviews within the app along with ratings based on quality, delivery time and service.



Jonathan is a food blogger from Edinburgh who shares his experiences at The Edinburgers blog. He enjoys food (obviously), likes a beer or a nice red wine and is a technology enthusiast. Here he shares his top 5 food apps for iPhone.