iOS 7’s Email Vulnerability Decoded

The latest Apple iOS 7 is unfortunately not as secure as we would believe them to be. The latest bug to have made its foray into the operating system is that the email attachments are completely unencrypted when downloaded on iPhones or iPads. What makes the whole deal worse is that it refutes the claim of Apple that they encrypt all the files. Apple has officially accepted the vulnerability and is said to come up with the fix soon.

The way Data protection works

The data protection is that even if some gains control of your device, they will not be able to access your files unless they have your passcode. This moves helps keep the attackers at bay even if they extract all the files and then try to decrypt them offline. In case you do not protect your device with a passcode, operating system is still encrypted in such a way that your files will remain safe. However, with the help of a passcode you can provide your hardware with the added security.

The fix is on its way

Apple has officially announced that they acknowledge the bug and are looking for a security patch to fix this. Meanwhile, the phones after Apple 4s and devices running on iOS 7.1 will remain unaffected by this unfortunate defect. Apple strongly suggests customers keep the security systems of their devices updated so that any suspicious email can be easily detected before being downloaded onto the device. Trend Micro has some of the best antivirus protection listed, depending on your device and usage. You can download upgrades that are ideal for your handset until an official patch is made available.

The way this bug works

The latest bug has been said to bypass the security passcode and all the files can still be accessed even when protected. Ideally, encrypted files should appear like jumbled numbers and letters however, that is not the case. When you plug your iPhone into the computer all you need is bypassing software to access these downloaded attachments. The newer devices are been said to be free from the vulnerability as they do not allow access to the files via computer. However, these files are still accessible to hackers in the latest iPhone 5S and Ipad 2. If the hackers can get to the files, they will be able decrypt them too.

While technical team at Apple is aware of the issue, they have not provided a specific time frame as to when there will be a security patch made available to the iPhone/iPad users. The bug is known to impact the IMAP and POP as well as ActiveSync which forms the basis of the problem. The vulnerability is said to be of critical nature and the latest update that was recently released has not been able to address the issue. For now, the Apple users are advised not to download any important or confidential attachments to their device until further notice.