Top 5 Business-Focused iOS Apps for Entrepreneurs

The technology is such that you can now use your personal phone for the promotion of your business. If you are building something ground up then you need all the resources you can get to make your entity grow. For most functions, you must already have a desktop or a laptop but what happens if you are on the move and need to do something urgently? You can rely on your iPhone to do that for you! Here are the top 5 apps that will help you grow your business.

Field Manage – Locqus

If you are in the logistics business, this app is a life saver and it is free. It can be a daunting task to manage your fleet of trucks and employees when you are in the office, imagine doing this while you are on the field. You can now ask all your team members to download this app on their phones or laptops and you can monitor their progress of the day from the management portal. This app also informs the customers about the time of arrival of the worker. You can now have an efficient team of workers along with happy customers.


This is a paid app for the database management that helps you manage and store all the data relevant to your business. With the help of this app, you can sync all the data into your laptop or PC and import all the correct and updated information right into your computer. You can also import the file in the form of excel sheet.


This app allows you to register for a credit card dongle into your email and that too for no extra charge. You can now process the payment while on the go by attaching the dongle to your iPhone and swiping the credit card then a there. This is breakthrough advancement for all the businesses that run on home delivery model. However, just to be on the safe side, always keep your iPhone free from any virus. To find the best one suited for your phone you can check this list of free antivirus.

This app makes your iPhone into a customer service desk. You can now engage with all your customers in a single spot. This app also keeps a tab of all the social media activity like Facebook and twitter and also email to notify you about the alerts. You can also customize the alerts to help you reply to the queries or messages while on the move.


With the help of Dropbox, you can always keep all the important files handy. When you download this app on your iPhone, you can gain access to all your documents from anywhere and anytime. Dropbox also works as a trustworthy application for cloud backup. If you accidently delete a significant file, you can recover from your account. All your data is perfectly safe and uploaded on your virtual account which can be accessed from anywhere as far as you have an active internet connection.