Vcinity, Chat without internet: Review

Imagine you are in a school classroom and you want to chat with friends using a mobile app, but there is no internet connection or Wi-Fi in the school, or imagine you are at a noisy rock festival and you want to chat with your friend who is sat 20 yards away in your large group and the internet connection is lousy, especially as you are out in the middle of a countryside field somewhere. How can you get around this problem? Easy, try out the app vCinity and chat to anyone in your vicinity.

This “must-have” app is ideal for chatting to friends on a long coach or train journey. Imagine the bus is packed and you can’t get to sit next to all your chums, the motorway is long and boring and the internet connection jumps in and out more times than a jack in a box, it must be time for vCinity to chat happily away with friends while nearby mobile phone users will wonder how you are able to get a signal.


This app is ideal when you are next sat in a class where the teacher is droning on and on, or whenever you are at a festival, gig or music concert and chat with friends – even though there’s no Wi-Fi.

The app is also ideal to work at the day-long trade fairs or business events held at huge exhibition centres where you can chat to fellow colleagues on another stall, or perhaps in a huge warehouse where you and your friend are wandering around a store room the size of a football pitch and vCinity lets you communicate even in the dark, dusty, rat-infested corners of the stores where an internet connection is more likely worse than the one found at the top of Mount Everest.

There is a notification that comes through every time you receive a new message, and you can invite others to download the app, which will give you a bigger address book and contact list to utilize. There is also a feature on the app that allows you to chat to all of your Facebook friends or you may want to invite them to download the app through the social networking site.

The vCinity app has been specially designed to use on devices running the iOS7 and is great for chatting to your brothers or sisters after bedtime when you are all tucked up, can’t sleep but don’t want to disturb Mum and Dad.