ShareWhere – Anonymous Local Sharing

If you have ever been out on a pub crawl, a meal then on to some clubs, a tour of bars and tapas restaurants, a disco and night club tour at a tourist hot spot or a trip through a major town centre, then you could really do with an app like ShareWhere. It is a way you can share your opinion or thoughts at any restaurant, club, bar, venue, place of interest or café anonymously. You just have to share what really happens at the places around you.

You can express what’s on your mind and tell the world what’s happening at the places all around you. Your insight and updates will help others decide whether the place you have just visited is cool or a venue to avoid, hot or not, or you could just catalogue your great night out by expressing your innermost feelings about where you have just been.

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Share your thoughts with the surrounding community, let us know your secrets and tell us all about that night club bar you are dancing in, while your other half thinks you are working out down the gym or studying at the library. You can express your own thoughts with words and add a photo if you like, so it will be easy to let all your friends know that you are stuck in a lousy bar and want some action, or you have just arrived at a hot night spot and want others to join you.

It is possible to comment and chats on other posts without the need for usernames, so you could even have some responses to your own messages – all of which can be anonymously posted. You can connect with others nearby or in your direct vicinity by the use of private messaging. Whenever you are in a local area, you can easily check out the local message board to see what is going down in your local town. Moreover, it’s possible to stay up to date with your regular bars and favourite locations by checking out ShareWhere and finding out if the place is lively or dreary at any one time.

So, next time you are sat at home and are wondering whether to get on the bus and visit your local pub but you are not sure whether it’s buzzing down there or not – check out ShareWhere and find out.