Squirly, A Challenging and Addictive Game – Video Review

Squirly is a truly delightful game about squirrels. It is fun, it’s challenging and it is highly addictive. But it will be one of those games that’ll put a smile on your face. The graphics are amazing and almost in 3D and the game play is very fast and responsive. This is not some forgettable quirky game but a unique, colourful game with sound effects and characters you won’t forget in a hurry.

But the competition doesn’t just end with you and the squirrels but can link you up to ultimate game play against your friends, family and anyone else in the world. It is a game that will drive you nuts!


Squirly is a game that can be played by any age and centres around a cheerful, flying little squirrel called – aptly enough, “Squirly.” He resides in a magical forest with all his other squirrel chums and couldn’t be happier. Happy, that is, until one day a big nasty bird swoops down and plucks Squirly from the edge of the forest floor. Carried off into strange lands for several miles, Squirly manages to fight for his very life and eventually wriggles free from the talons only to plunge to safety in a world and land he has no familiarity with.


The strange new world that has become his new place of abode is full of unfamiliar snakes and monkeys and has a jungle-like terrain. Squirly needs to get out of the jungle as his life is in ultimate danger once more, what with big branches that snap off from trees and fall to the ground, dangerous snakes and irritable monkeys.

Your task is to help Squirly escape from these new-found jungle hazards and somehow find his way back to the forest where he was happy and at home with all his friends. The game has been carefully and diligently designed for unique speed and a lightning combat experience.

The game has skill-centred bonus structures – meaning you will has very little time to familiarize with the game and will always require diversity and change. You will encounter stunning graphics said to be in 2.5D while playing a game that’ll delight your senses.

There are many special powers that you can accrue and you can search for a golden nut to give you ultimate powers towards finding Squirly’s way home. The app can even make Squirly a female if you so desire, simply change the settings at the beginning of each game to make your choice.

Absolutely addictive game, I simply couldn’t get enough. The only annoying thing is that cheeky monkey that keeps throwing bananas at you. He just offers an extra challenge, has if the game hasn’t already got enough. It’s real fun and great for that boring train journey to work.