Luni Puni: Fun with Super Jump and Run – Video Review

Here’s one great gaming app you might want to look into quickly because for the moment it’s free, and we have no idea when that deal will end, so grab while you can and start having fun with plenty of running and jumping.

Your task is to help Luni Puni find treasure – after all, he is your hero. In his journey, he will ascend into a wonderful fantasy land that’ choc full of colour. There are more than just a few adventures waiting in the wings during these excursions through the fantasy lands. But it’s treasure that is the key and booty is what you must focus on.

Getting the treasure is the tough part, as Luni Puni will have to do battle with a number of strange foreign creatures, none of whom will have much time or sympathy for Luni Puni. Their role is to keep your hero back and prevent him from finding the treasure.


As you go through the game, you will start by collecting hearts and diamonds, which allow you the opportunity to stretch Luni Puni’s lifespan. Moreover, you hero will need every extra year added to his life possible, as much of the treasure he must have is hidden and stashed away in secret passages, dark corners or behind locked doors. During the adventures, Luni Puni will have to find the keys and unlock the mysterious secret chambers before the journey can go forward and continue.

There are 18 colourful fantasy levels, and through each level you’ll notice the game becomes more and more challenging. Your skill will count as you try to help Luni Puni and the entire journey is perfect for those who want to start right at the beginner’s levels, particularly the very youngest players.

As well as the 18 different levels, all of which vary in difficulty as you progress, there are 10 different enemies. There are also plants that will eat flesh, so some of the enemies in the game have a rather zombie-like behavioural pattern.

There is also a trampoline that you can use to spring board your way over obstacles and reach heights you could not possibly have reached without this apparatus, many hidden ways and passages as well as the teleport devices that help you move to those hidden rooms. At each level you will have to find the three gold coins – so good luck and have a good journey!