Qrafter Pro – QR Code and Barcode Reader and Generator: Review

Today we take a look at and review the iOS app known as Qrafter Pro. Qrafter Pro is an iOS app developed by Kerem Erkan for iPhones, iPads, and iPods with iOS version 5.0 and above. Qrafter is not your typical QR code scanner app, not only does it have the ability to scan and create QR codes, it can also scan and create bar codes, data matrix codes, and Aztec codes for all sorts of different purposes.

When you first run the app for the first time, you’re greeted with the Scan Code screen. By tapping on the “Scan with Camera” button, you can then scan practically any code that you want that’s right in front of you in real life. However if you want to scan a QR code that’s currently displayed on your phone’s screen for example, you first have to take a screenshot of your phone, then tap the “Scan from Photo Albums” button, then choose the screenshot with the code on it. With these two scanning features, there is practically no QR code that you will fail to decipher.


Here we scan the barcode of an energy bar box; you can also turn on the flash light, zoom in and out, change from rear to front camera, and do batch scans for scanning multiple codes at once. I’ve tried scanning all sorts of different codes from UPC codes to Bitcoin QR Codes, and they all worked just fine. Once you scan any type of code, in this example we scan an energy bar box, Qrafter gives you options for what you want to do with that code.

One of the options Qrafter gives you is the ability to search for the code’s product. By using different searching services, you can find out what your code corresponds to. If it’s a book, you can find it by using the Google Books database, if it’s a song, the AllMusic.ru database. Other things you can do with the newly scanned code are: Display Barcode, Send code by eMail, Send code by Text Message, and copy the code to clipboard.

Possibly the strongest feature of Qrafter is the ability to craft your own QR codes for many different purposes:

You can create a QR code for practically anything. You can even create QR codes for tweets, Wifi-networks, iTunes apps, Foursquare Venues, QR codes for written text, and even QR codes for your clipboard contents. So you can practically leave a QR code for people to scan that can have any message that you want.

Since the ability to create your own QR codes is Qrafter’s strongest feature, you can do all sorts of things with it such as create a QR code that can redirect you to a certain coordinate:

You can also change the background and foreground color your code to your liking, as well as change code types between Data Matrix, Aztec code, or QR code. From here you can choose to do anything you want with your newly created QR code. You can email it to others, text it to others, or you can even print it out and include it in your posters.

Overall Qrafter Pro is one of the best QR Code apps out there. Not only can you scan practically any code out there, but you can also create your own QR Codes and bar codes for practically any purpose as well. There are pretty much no down sides to Qrafter Pro, with the current version being 10.1, Qrafter Pro is a regularly updated app with new features added and bugs fixed on a frequent basis. If there was only one QR Code app you could use, make it Qrafter Pro.