Mirrow.me is your Personal Stylist With Artificial Intelligence, Who Helps Organize and Sort your Wardrobe – Review

There are three types of clothing people in the world. There are the “fashionistas” types, the “what not to wear” types and then there is a huge amount of people stuck in the middle. Now the “what not to wear” people struggle to put together an outfit. The “fashionista” has so many choices they often struggle to find the new look. And the rest of the world just might need a little help with the putting together something different, because the “Garanimal” tags aren’t available for the adult wearer.  There is help for everyone out there with the new mirrow.me iPhone app from Proposal Invest Ltd. and they’re offering a way to  help you co-ordinate  the something special wardrobe or the perfect daily wear outfit.

mirrow.me is a simple to use database app, which lets you add all your clothes and your accessories then helping to you to mix and match for the perfect look. It even has a weather capability to make sure you aren’t caught in the wrong clothing for the weather you will experience throughout the day. Type One: For the “fashionista” you can database all your clothing and using the social media aspect of the app, show all your wears to your followers and play show and tell for all your friends. The social media users is fairly limited right now, but it will grow as the app gains more of a following and people are sharing their style on the app. If you do have a huge wardrobe the entering of the items may be daunting, but extremely gratifying upon completion. One of the bonuses if you do have a huge amount of clothing is it will allow you to remember what you have in your closet and not repeat or duplicate when out shopping. Or perhaps it will give you the incentive to do a cull for charity and then go out and there and fill in the blanks. 

mirrow_1 mirrow_2

For Second type of clothing person who struggles to make an outfit, whether for daily or night time wear, the app puts together outfits for the “challenged” wearer and shopper. Now, we know this type of person isn’t going to have an extensive wardrobe, but with maybe some choice items to purchase you can round out and expend what you have without having to shell out a fortune and start from scratch.  I think most people fall into this category. You get it right some of the time, but you have the occasional hit and miss leaving you to ask yourself, “what was I thinking? “

The Third type of person who struggles with clothes falls in the group where a lot of people look at you and wonder “Do they not have a mirror”. This is where the social media aspect works the best as your can gain your confidence with having strangers help you to widen your clothing POV. If you struggle, this app will help you see your choices, what you can and shouldn’t do when putting together an outfit, and perhaps change your opinion about what goes together, textures, patterns and styles. 

This is a great little app, working to better the wardrobes of both men and women, which is going to find a huge following and hopefully will make the world a much better dressed place.  I only wish it would be available in an iPad version to give me a bigger display window…perhaps in the near future?