What happens after airport check-in? Find out with the fantastic Crazy Belts!

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If you were a fan of the hugely popular ‘Where’s My Water?’ app, you’ll absolutely love Crazy Belts. In fact, I have little doubt that this exciting puzzle game will have most people entertained for hours; especially those waiting for a flight!

Many of us have experienced it; you set off on holiday, put your bags on the conveyor belt at the airport, and arrive at your destination to find that your bags have been ‘misplaced’ in the process. As the cargo guy, your job in this thrilling new game is to make sure this doesn’t happen. Make sure all of the baggage makes it to its desired destination for maximum points and, uh, that heart-warming feeling of knowing that the passenger is getting their correct luggage back.  But mainly, you do it for the points.

Spanning Across Five Countries

Using colour codes to identify where each piece of luggage must go, you must ensure that each item makes it to the correct country. During the journey, you will direct bags all around the globe, to destinations including London, Madrid, New York and China! Control the conveyor belts using the intuitive touch interface to ensure no items get lost on their journey.

Exciting Features

The first thing that we should clarify is that this title is available for free. However, there are many downloadable extras which are available to enhance your gaming experience. There are 60 different levels for you to work your way through – and take our word for it, they get a lot harder as you progress! As you work your way further through the levels, you will be faced with the task of juggling more bags at once, and you will need to learn to operate multiple controls, including sliding belts and rotating cogs, while avoiding the electric rays.

Share with Your Friends

Crazy Belts is completely integrated with Facebook, meaning you can log into your account and share your performance with your friends. Just achieved a new personal best? Boast about it to your fellow players. With cute characters and an engaging, responsive design, you will not find yourself getting bored of this one!

Crazy Belts is available on iTunes and Android.

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